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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Bedroom Tour!

I promised ages ago when I posted my office tour that when my bedroom was finished that I’d post a bedroom tour, showing you what the finished room looked like. And I have to confess that my bedroom has actually been finished for a month now but I’ve had no time to sit down and write about it.. until now! So without further ado.. 

With moving home, I thought I’d separate my sleeping area from my working area to help maintain this sleeping pattern that has magically appeared in my life. I’ve pretty much spent the last three years with studying in my bedroom and after reading online that this doesn't help insomnia - something I’ve ‘suffered’ with since I was sixteen. It's something to do with not associating your bedroom with sleep so I decided to do something about it. I chucked all my studying and working shizzle into my office and made sure my bedroom was just for sleep and Netflix bingeing.

The Bed

And this is where I spend almost fifteen hours a day.. Okay, well, maybe not fifteen hours a day.. more like eight, but my parents say I sleep for fifteen hours each night.. Anyway.. this is my bed. My heaven. My happiest place on Earth, apart from Disneyland. 

As you can probably guess, I am definitely one of these who loves cushions. I have got one in practically every shade of purple possible. But I instantly regret it each night when it takes me ages to throw them onto the floor and then each morning when I have to get up half an hour before I should to put them back on my bed again. Constant bane of my life. But they do look pretty so I guess it’s worth it.. 

When I passed my first year of university, I treated myself to a set of white waffle, Egyptian cotton bedding - how adult of me, and it is easily the bestest gift I’ve given myself. It’s so soft and comfortable that I feel as if I’m in a marshmallow when I first get in. It’s fricking amazing. I can’t actually remember where I got it from and I really wish I did because I accidentally fell asleep drunk on it one night in second year and ended up staining one of the pillows with mascara. Heartbroken.

I don't know why I decided to include a really up close photo of my bedding but enjoy the waffle.

The Clothes
I thought my dissertation was bad, until I moved back home and had to merge my London clothes with the clothes I had at home. I was sorting through clothes that I just didn’t want to get rid of so ended up deciding to get another set of drawers. These are just your box standard MALM drawers from IKEA but to say they are so cheap, they are amazing quality. My family have had antique, solid wood chest of drawers before, which were alright, but these are on another level. They fit in so well with my decor, have plenty of depth in the drawers to store all my clothes and they’re such good quality. I would definitely recommend these!


Then on top of it, I have my television! I wasn’t going to have a television in my bedroom when I started sorting it out but after living in London for three years with constant sirens and traffic noise, I found it hard to sleep in complete silence so decided that putting my television in my room would help me sleep. Plus, it’s always great to wake up and put morning television on and movie days are always a bonus. 

On the other drawer top, I’ve just put a few knick knacks and candles along with my alcohol stash. It usually doesn't look this organised. Usually there's a pile of watched DVDs here too but I tidied them away like a good girl!

And finally, the best part..

The Make-Up
Like most girls, I’ve dreamt of having a proper dressing table since I can remember. My parents bought me a Barbie dressing table for Christmas 1998 and four year old me absolutely went crazy for it! They even subscribed to Sabrina’s Secrets (a 90s magazine about Sabrina the Teenage Witch) that came with a make up item every week and I collected every single one and stored all my make up on the dressing table - never used it as I’ve never been the neatest at painting my nails, but I still loved having the make up and dressing table area in my bedroom. But I still dreamt of having those classic style Hollywood vanity dressing tables like you see in the movies or ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ (lol). So when I decided that I needed a revamp of my room, that was the first thing on my agenda.. and thanks to the help of my lovely brother, that childhood dream became a reality! 

Just look at it!

The dressing table itself was originally in my previous bedroom in the house before I got upgraded to my ‘adult’ bedroom with a swanky fireplace in it, but my brother kindly took it down from that room and put it back up in this room. He then also built the Hollywood vanity mirror using IKEA wall lamps

Next are the holy grail make up storage units that are from MUJI! Boy, oh, boy, are they an absolute lifesaver when it comes to making my make up more organised than my life. I’ve stacked three of the two drawer wide boxes with a two drawer wide box with a flip top on top and I can’t even explain how much I love them. It seems like every make up fanatic uses these along with the IKEA plant pots to store their make up and brushes in but that’s simply because they are perfect and so ridiculously cheap considering how good they are. 

Then on the other side of the dressing table is all my jewellery and a few more knick knacks. (Can you tell I love my knick knacks?) I also have a cute pink candle that sparkles when the candle is lit. I always light this on a nighttime when I'm removing my make up as it's so relaxing to watch and just makes my room so cosy. 

And finally, on my windowsill is my docking station so I can rock out to some throwback tunes whilst getting ready for the day ahead. However, since these were taken at night, I was too scared to open my curtains in case there was somebody looking back at me (I'm a wuss) so you'll just have to believe me. 

..and then that’s my boudoir pretty much done!

Hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as I enjoyed doing it all up. 

(I am still decorating all the other rooms in my house, giving them a proper makeover, but I won’t be posting them online as lounges, kitchens and dining rooms are pretty boring!)

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