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Monday, 30 May 2016

Post-Exams Update

The reason I’ve been pretty much inactive and useless at blogging over the past few weeks is because I’ve had the joys of my final exams to study for and the dreaded dissertation to finish. But fear not, my dissertation has been submitted, my degree is over and I only have one exam left to go with CILEx (fancy legal qualification) so forgive me if I sound like ‘Take That’ but I’m back for good!

And for today’s blog post, I thought I’d start by giving a huge update into my plans for this blog since I actually want to keep it running as going from an undergraduate student to a law graduate is gonna be one huge crazy ride and I want to document it in a sort of online diary thingymabob. I don’t even care if nobody else reads my blog, I just want to have something which means I can look back on in a few years time and reminisce. A little like Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ memories thing, but with less cringes (hopefully). 

I’ve decided that instead of posting willynilly, I’m gonna aim to post three times a week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I did try to do a whole week of posting at the start of May but ended up giving up after six days as I just completely ran out of ideas for blog posts. There may be some weeks when I don’t write much and there may be some weeks where I write more than enough. Who knows, but I’m gonna aim for three postings a week. Wahoo. 

Also, I plan to do a bit of travelling the summer so I’ll be posting more about my adventures and travels, which is gonna be so exciting. As well as some very exciting life changes that I’m gonna be documenting about, which I can’t wait for. I’ll still be posting my usual bumph too.  

And that’s pretty much it for now! Sorry it’s quite a boring post (yet again) but life should pick up a bit now I’ve not got university to worry about so stay tuned!

I'm also so unbelievably close to 1000 blog reads which I'm so amazed by so thank you for everyone who has visited my blog and I promise to make it a bit more varied and exciting in the coming weeks.

Friday, 6 May 2016

The Make-Up Tag

As everyone who knows me already knows, I have a slight obsession with make-up. It is physically impossible for me to hit the shops without splurging on a new foundation that I don't need or yet another shade of lipstick that I'll probably never wear. And when I came across this make-up tag, I thought I'd give it a go!


  1. How many times do you wash your face daily? Twice - once in the morning and once right before I go to bed.
  2. What skin type do you have? Combination. It's a killer.
  3. What is your current facial wash? Clinique's Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser.
  4. Do you exfoliate? My Clarisonic exfoliates my face and I use a body scrub for my bod-bod.
  5. What brand do you use? I usually stick to Clinique or Kiehl's.
  6. What moisturiser do you use? I'm currently using Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream but my all-time favourite is Clinique's Moisture Surge.
  7. Do you have freckles? I don't. I'm not really sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
  8. Do you use eye cream? I do - Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado is my holy grail!
  9. Do you or did you have acne prone skin? Throughout my teenage years I suffered with about six spots in total but then as soon as I hit twenty, it's like puberty struck me and I suffered with a spot once a week. My skin isn't too bad now that I've got my skincare routine sorted. I guess the pollution in London doesn't help with spots.
  10. Did you ever have to use Pro-activ? I bought it once when I went to America on a family holiday but never really used it properly. It's probably still lurking in my bathroom cupboard, gathering dust.

Make Up

  1. What foundation do you use?
    At the moment I mix Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Eclat foundation with NARS All Day Luminous Weightless foundation.
  2. How about concealer?
    I use Benefit's Boi-ing concealer on blemishes and Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection concealer beneath my eyes as I have terrible dark circles.
  3. Do you know your undertone colour?
  4. What do you think of fake eyelashes?
    I love wearing them for special occasions but I don't see how some girls wear them every day. I struggle putting them on once every blue moon. Plus, I sometimes just prefer to put mascara on rather than fake eyelashes as my eyelashes are pretty long as it is. I'm blessed.
  5. Did you know that you are suppose to change your mascara every 3 months?
    I did. But I always remember to forget this fact as I've had the same mascara for about a year now and never suffered with bad eye health - apart from the fact I'm blind as a bat but that happened before I started wearing make up.
  6. What brand of mascara do you use?
    Estee Lauder. It's so good!
  7. Sephora or MAC?
    I love Sephora and would always choose Sephora due to the variety of make up and skincare they have but since England is deprived of Sephora, I'm gonna have to say MAC. Although I do love their make up too.
  8. Do you have a MAC Pro-card?
    A what?
  9. What make up tools do you use in make up application?
    Brushes. The thought of using my fingers to apply make up makes me want to vomit. I've tried using a BeautyBlender but I just can't get the hang of it and always smudge my make up in the process of trying it so I gave up.
  10. Do you use a make up base or primer for the eyes?
    I usually just spritz some MAC Prep and Prime Fix spray onto my eyes and then use my concealer as a base. I really want to invest in the Urban Decay Eye Primer but every time I remember to go buy it, they've sold out.
  11. Do you use a make up base or primer for the face?
    I do. I hate wearing foundation without it. You can definitely tell the difference in the application and finish without a primer. My favourite one is Benefit's Porefessional but I'm using Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Eclat Blur Primer at the moment and love it!
  12. What is your favourite eyeshadow (colour or shade)?
    I don't have a specific eyeshadow colour that I love but the Urban Decay's Naked Smoky contains all my favourite shades.
  13. Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?
    I use pencil for beneath my eye and liquid for the eyelid as I find pencil is easier to blend and I always prefer more definition on my eyelid and then a blended finish beneath my eye.
  14. How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?
    I've mastered the art of eyeliner pencils now so I very rarely poke myself in the eye. Unless I'm putting make up on drunk.
  15. What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?
    I love them. I only ever use them on big, special occasions though as I always make a mess so I need lots of time to make sure I can correct my mistakes. When I do pigmented eyeshadows, I always do my eyeshadow before foundation.
  16. Do you use mineral make up?
    I do when I'm having a good skin day as I find it gives a more natural look.
  17. What is your favourite lipstick?
    My favourite lipstick is MAC's Honey Love. It's a gorgeous matte nude!
  18. What is your favourite lipgloss?
    I never really wear lip glosses but in New York, I accidentally picked up an Yves Saint Laurent lipgloss, thinking it was a lipstick but I tried it and I like it - it's the Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain in Rouge Vintage.

  19. What is your favourite blush to use?
    I use NARS' deep throat. Naughty.
  20. Do you like drugstore make up?
    I went off it when I could eventually afford high end make up but now I've discovered Make Up Revolution and I'm definitely swinging back to drugstore make up.
  21. Do you go to cosmetic company outlets?
    I've never been to one but I'd love to. Might put that on my summer bucket list!
  22. Did you ever consider taking make up classes?
    Nope. Why take make up classes when you can sit watching hours of make up tutorials on YouTube for free?
  23. Are you clumsy in putting on make up?
    I'm not clumsy. I just can never do one eye the same as the other or one brow always ends up more defined than the other.
  24. Name a make up crime that you hate.
    Eyebrows so defined that they look like they've been drawn on with Sharpie.
  25. Do you prefer colourful shades of make up or neutral ones?
    I prefer neutral ones for an every day look but colourful shades for nights out.
  26. Which celebrity always has great make up?
    Beyoncé, but then again, she has great everything.
  27. If you could leave the house using just one make up item, what would you use?
    Tinted moisturiser.
  28. Could you ever leave the house without any make up on?
    I always leave the house without make up. It's very rare these days that I actually can be bothered to put make up on.
  29. Do you think you look good, even without any make up on?
    Nope. I definitely need make up.
  30. What do you think of make up?
    Love buying it. Love wearing it. Hate putting it on. I need to be in the right mood to put it on. 

Thursday, 5 May 2016


One of my earliest memories is snuggling up in my parents’ bed on a winters night with my mum and two younger brothers, listening to my mum reading us ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone’. From what I remember, my mum would read to us a lot as we grew up. Getting into our jimjams after a bath and sitting on the sofa to have my mum read to us is easily one of my fondest memories of my childhood. And I thank my mum so much as she always encouraged me to read as a kid. 

When I started school, I read the typical Magic Key books (Who remembers them?! God, talk about Throwback Thursday!) and then progressed onto Paddington Bear books. Then as I got older, I got into the more ‘big girl’ books like Jacqueline Wilson and Princess Diaries. I was even obsessed with the Horrible Histories collection and owned them all at one point. At one point in my life, my dad lived 200 miles away from me so car trips down to his house every other weekend gave me the perfect opportunity to read - probably not a good idea when I suffered with travel sickness but I’d frequently finish a Horrible History book there and another one on the way back. Eight years old and I decided to brave the Harry Potter books by myself.. I’d seen the movies. I dressed up as Hermione every single World Book Day without fail. I pretending to be playing Quidditch on the school field whenever we played rounders or baseball at primary school. (Don’t judge me, you did that too.) So I thought I’d give the books ago since my dad had a habit of buying them the day they were released, reading them within a couple of days and then passing them onto me so I could read them. And that’s where reading pretty much ended for me. It took me three years to fully read ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’. 

High school tried to encourage me to start reading again by assigning books to read in English Literature or having ‘reading time’ in tutor every week but I used to just use that time to catch up with my friends’ love lives via note passing at the back of the room, flicking the page of my book that was probably upside down ever so often so my form tutor didn’t get suspicious. My social life and studies took over my life, leaving me with next to no free time and any free time I had was spent watching television or sleeping, like the normal teenager. 

So here I am, twenty-one years of age, with very little knowledge about literature apart from those God awful poems I had to study in GCSE English Literature five years ago. It was only the other week when I was stuck in Doncaster railway station for an hour before my train back to London that I thought I’d give reading ago again. And I haven’t stopped since. Although I’m not reading as much as I want to with having only a couple of weeks left of my degree and exams approaching far too quick for my liking, I’m definitely hooked again! 

My plan for the summer is to begin on all the old classic books again. Thanks to my GCSEs, I’ve already read some classics, such as Oliver Twist, Great Expectations and A Christmas Carol. But I’m determined to revamp my bookshelf up and enrich my life with some timeless literature! 

Any recommendations for books to read would be muchly appreciated!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Bedroom Tour!

I promised ages ago when I posted my office tour that when my bedroom was finished that I’d post a bedroom tour, showing you what the finished room looked like. And I have to confess that my bedroom has actually been finished for a month now but I’ve had no time to sit down and write about it.. until now! So without further ado.. 

With moving home, I thought I’d separate my sleeping area from my working area to help maintain this sleeping pattern that has magically appeared in my life. I’ve pretty much spent the last three years with studying in my bedroom and after reading online that this doesn't help insomnia - something I’ve ‘suffered’ with since I was sixteen. It's something to do with not associating your bedroom with sleep so I decided to do something about it. I chucked all my studying and working shizzle into my office and made sure my bedroom was just for sleep and Netflix bingeing.

The Bed

And this is where I spend almost fifteen hours a day.. Okay, well, maybe not fifteen hours a day.. more like eight, but my parents say I sleep for fifteen hours each night.. Anyway.. this is my bed. My heaven. My happiest place on Earth, apart from Disneyland. 

As you can probably guess, I am definitely one of these who loves cushions. I have got one in practically every shade of purple possible. But I instantly regret it each night when it takes me ages to throw them onto the floor and then each morning when I have to get up half an hour before I should to put them back on my bed again. Constant bane of my life. But they do look pretty so I guess it’s worth it.. 

When I passed my first year of university, I treated myself to a set of white waffle, Egyptian cotton bedding - how adult of me, and it is easily the bestest gift I’ve given myself. It’s so soft and comfortable that I feel as if I’m in a marshmallow when I first get in. It’s fricking amazing. I can’t actually remember where I got it from and I really wish I did because I accidentally fell asleep drunk on it one night in second year and ended up staining one of the pillows with mascara. Heartbroken.

I don't know why I decided to include a really up close photo of my bedding but enjoy the waffle.

The Clothes
I thought my dissertation was bad, until I moved back home and had to merge my London clothes with the clothes I had at home. I was sorting through clothes that I just didn’t want to get rid of so ended up deciding to get another set of drawers. These are just your box standard MALM drawers from IKEA but to say they are so cheap, they are amazing quality. My family have had antique, solid wood chest of drawers before, which were alright, but these are on another level. They fit in so well with my decor, have plenty of depth in the drawers to store all my clothes and they’re such good quality. I would definitely recommend these!


Then on top of it, I have my television! I wasn’t going to have a television in my bedroom when I started sorting it out but after living in London for three years with constant sirens and traffic noise, I found it hard to sleep in complete silence so decided that putting my television in my room would help me sleep. Plus, it’s always great to wake up and put morning television on and movie days are always a bonus. 

On the other drawer top, I’ve just put a few knick knacks and candles along with my alcohol stash. It usually doesn't look this organised. Usually there's a pile of watched DVDs here too but I tidied them away like a good girl!

And finally, the best part..

The Make-Up
Like most girls, I’ve dreamt of having a proper dressing table since I can remember. My parents bought me a Barbie dressing table for Christmas 1998 and four year old me absolutely went crazy for it! They even subscribed to Sabrina’s Secrets (a 90s magazine about Sabrina the Teenage Witch) that came with a make up item every week and I collected every single one and stored all my make up on the dressing table - never used it as I’ve never been the neatest at painting my nails, but I still loved having the make up and dressing table area in my bedroom. But I still dreamt of having those classic style Hollywood vanity dressing tables like you see in the movies or ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ (lol). So when I decided that I needed a revamp of my room, that was the first thing on my agenda.. and thanks to the help of my lovely brother, that childhood dream became a reality! 

Just look at it!

The dressing table itself was originally in my previous bedroom in the house before I got upgraded to my ‘adult’ bedroom with a swanky fireplace in it, but my brother kindly took it down from that room and put it back up in this room. He then also built the Hollywood vanity mirror using IKEA wall lamps

Next are the holy grail make up storage units that are from MUJI! Boy, oh, boy, are they an absolute lifesaver when it comes to making my make up more organised than my life. I’ve stacked three of the two drawer wide boxes with a two drawer wide box with a flip top on top and I can’t even explain how much I love them. It seems like every make up fanatic uses these along with the IKEA plant pots to store their make up and brushes in but that’s simply because they are perfect and so ridiculously cheap considering how good they are. 

Then on the other side of the dressing table is all my jewellery and a few more knick knacks. (Can you tell I love my knick knacks?) I also have a cute pink candle that sparkles when the candle is lit. I always light this on a nighttime when I'm removing my make up as it's so relaxing to watch and just makes my room so cosy. 

And finally, on my windowsill is my docking station so I can rock out to some throwback tunes whilst getting ready for the day ahead. However, since these were taken at night, I was too scared to open my curtains in case there was somebody looking back at me (I'm a wuss) so you'll just have to believe me. 

..and then that’s my boudoir pretty much done!

Hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as I enjoyed doing it all up. 

(I am still decorating all the other rooms in my house, giving them a proper makeover, but I won’t be posting them online as lounges, kitchens and dining rooms are pretty boring!)

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

New York!

It's six months since I was treated to an amazing week in New York City with my mum for my 21st birthday and I thought I'd whap out my photos from it and post some of them on here to reminisce. So sit back, relax, grab a bag of popcorn or a falafel and watch me miss it even more than I already do.


We flew out on the day before my 21st birthday and undoubtedly we flew out in style with champagne cocktails and a light pre-flight meal at Heathrow Airport. But I guess you only turn 21 once.. (even if I did have an entire week of birthday celebrations to turn 21 with).

Then when we went to board the plane, we found out it had been delayed. I didn't mind too much though as it was only for an hour and I got to use the last of my 4G. Swings and roundabouts, eh?


It was amazing taking off as London turned from day to night and then to chase the sunset around the globe. Also a little confusing as I'm used to flying to America first thing in the morning, never last thing at night.  

The flight was six hours long.. I think. I'm not too sure really as I discovered United Airlines had wifi so me being me, I spent my first lot of dollars on wifi and ended up creeping on Twitter for the entire flight. It was no different to being at home really, just more people and turbulence. Lots and lots of turbulence. Since my phone was still set to UK time, at midnight (about three hours into the flight), I turned 21. I was physically 21 but geographical 20? My mum sang 'happy birthday' to me and then we set our phones to New York time so I had another four hours to go until I got to do that again. 

And then we landed in the United States of (It said 'NO PHOTOS' pretty much everywhere in the terminal but I just had to get a photo of this.. Soz, Obama. I broke da law.)

Once we'd gone through customs and been accepted into the country (thanks Obama), we got into typical tourist mode and flagged down a yellow taxi. But we landed at Newark in New Jersey (don't worry, it's pretty close to NYC.. we didn't accidentally go to the wrong state.. it was on purpose) and our taxi driver literally had no idea where our hotel was and since I'm a city geek with living in London for the past two years, I ended up giving him directions to a place I'd never been before without the help of Google Maps or Siri. My mum might have felt betrayed for me ditching the sheep of Yorkshire for the lights of London but even she was pretty thankful of my cityness - if that's even a word.

I also got to witness New York City for the first time in the dark with the skyline in front of us as we drove into Manhattan. It was indescribable!

(You would usually expect a photo here of the skyline of New York City at night as we drove in but iPhone cameras are about as useful as a chocolate kettle when it comes to nighttime shots so blame Apple.)

And after checking into the hotel, connecting with the hotel's wifi to let my dad know that we'd arrived safely in the Big Apple and going to paradise in the hotel's shower that was like one of them waterfall showers, I fell asleep, missing my second midnight turning 21.


Onto day one.. (or is it day two? Do you count the day you fly as day one? We'll just call it official day one..)

Official day one was my official birthday - both physically and geographically but not mentally because that's about five - and I woke up to my mum giving me presents and cards from everyone back home. I cried like a baby at all the little messages my family sent me. I've always been a little emotional wreck on birthdays. No idea why. Maybe because I'm just an emotional wreck in general..

And after breakfast, we walked a few blocks (look at me with the American lingo) to Central Park and ended up having a mother and daughter walk all the way through Central Park. It was beaaaaaaaautiful.

I went to town taking photos in Central Park as every view was so picturesque, especially with the sunny sky, but here's a select few..


My mum has been to New York before and she has always wanted to take me to the 'Home Alone' bridge with them being our favourite Christmas movies to watch as a family so we were on a mission to find it. We made a promise that we wouldn't Google its whereabouts so we could explore the park properly. But I wished we did as my mum kept saying "It's just after these trees here" every five paces. And baring in mind that Central Park is about 2.5 miles long and took us over an hour to walk, it was a lot of "It's just after these trees here". As it was, we didn't end up finding the 'Home Alone' bridge until we gave up looking for it and headed towards 'The Plaza'. Typical. 

So here's a piccy of the notorious 'Home Alone' hotel.. THE DING DANG DONG. 


And then here's the 'Home Alone' bridge.. right in front of the hotel.. convenient. 

My mum and I had booked in at 'The Plaza' that night to celebrate my 21st with lots of cocktails but we got impatient so decided to go in for a look around before our reservations. 

And obviously a 'look around' turned into a champagne tea lunch.. casual.. My first legal drink in America was rosĂ© champagne. Go hard or go home. And since our flight home wasn't until the following Friday, we went hard. 


Then after my mum stole the pen she signed the bill with (okay, we didn't steal it.. the waiter gave it to us but stealing it sounds much more adventurous).. we walked down Fifth Avenue, past all the flagship stores that makes Oxford Street look like Frenchgate Shopping Centre in Doncaster. Then we went to the Rockefeller Centre and moaned like the English people we are that the Christmas tree wasn't up because back home, there's been Christmas decorations on sale since August.. Then we walked a little further. And by little further, I mean a few miles, until we were getting confused as to why we hadn't seen the Empire State Building yet. I mean, it was a pretty big building according to Wikipedia yet neither had us had seen one glimpse of it. Until we looked up and.. 

The tallest building in London is The Shard and I used to think that was ridiculously tall until I saw the Empire State. Now, whenever I walk beneath The Shard, I'm like 'pfft, you're nothing'. It was unbelievable seeing it as pictures do not do it justice.

And then the inevitable happened. Shopping. And bankruptcy.


Being let lose in Macy's with birthday money was pretty amazing, I gotta say. It was even better when I was wearing my '21' badge - I wore that bad boy all week - as I kept getting free stuff and people kept saying 'happy birthday' to me. It was the best!

We then saw the Flatiron building. Still to this day I have no idea how to pronounce it. Flat-iron? Flat-ear-on? Both? If you do know, please comment in the comment section so I can finally find out.  

And then we walked all the way back to Times Square.. I thought Piccadilly Circus was great. But this was something else. It was amaaaaaazing. It was heaving on a Monday night at 4pm so God only knows what it'd be like on New Years Eve at 11.59pm. Watching the ball drop is definitely something I want to do though, regardless of how busy it is!


And ended the night by walking back to the hotel the scenic way. 

We didn't even make it for cocktails in the end as I was dead to the world by 9pm. But I had had the best birthday ever. It wasn't over yet though.. Not by a long shot..


Official day two. My dad had arranged for my mum and I to have a helicopter tour of the city and the views were amazing! It was easily the best way to view the city that we did all week. I did feel a little bit like James Bond though boarding the helicopter. The name's Bond.. Jenny? Bond.  

After circling Ellis Island and Liberty Island, we headed back up the Hudson River towards the city. Seeing the city from such a height made all the buildings look really teeny but from standing beneath the Empire State Building the day before, I knew they were anything but teeny. 

After landing, we headed to the Statue of Liberty ferry port. And left the city for a couple of hours. (Mind the grey skies..) 


I did try get a selfie with Ms. Liberty but the poses I had to pull just to take it weren't attractive in the slightest so it just wasn't worth it. I should have probably taken the selfie stick that I had bought specifically for the trip but left it in my suitcase back in the hotel for the entire week.. I'll just have to go again to get a selfie.. :) :) :) What a shame :) :) :)

Anyway.. then we popped into Ellis Island to say *puts on native Yorkshire accent* 'ayup'. 

And then got the ferry back to Manhattan since it was getting to be about -19639 degrees. 

On the walk back to our hotel, we made sure we stopped at Ground Zero. It was somewhere I always wanted to visit. Even though I was in no way affected by 9/11 and I was only six years old when it happened, I remember it so clearly. I came home from school and my mum had the television in the kitchen on and it was just news all night on what had happened. I was only six but I understood everything that was going on. My mum had been to New York only a few months prior to the terrorist attacks so she had seen the Twin Towers in real life, not just on photos, so it meant a lot for her to go and see the memorial too. As we walked towards it, everything just felt really weird. It's such an experience that I'll never be able to describe as it's just surreal. You never get the true scale of what happened until you go and visit Ground Zero and realise how big the Twin Towers were. I cried just reading all the names on the sides of each pool of all those who lost their lives and I knew none of them so I just couldn't imagine how people who actually lost somebody because of them attacks felt visiting it.



On our third day in the Big Apple, my mum knew how much of a fan (okay, obsessed lunatic is probably more apt in this case) of 'FRIENDS' so she let me take her to the apartment block used as the exterior shots in the show in Greenwich Village. And since it was raining cats and dogs, it meant I got to ride the Subway too! Anyone who has had the pleasure of experiencing the London Underground with me will know how well I know the tube. I can tell you how to get from one station to another using the quickest route, telling you which lines you need and even how many stops between each changeover so I picked up the subway system in NYC pretty impressively. Even so that a New Yorker got on at one stop and ended up asking us for directions, and I managed to tell them how to get to their destination within seconds of looking at the map. I was impressed with myself, not gonna lie.

And once we reached the 'FRIENDS' apartment, I went into major fangirl mode. I'd grown up with watching 'FRIENDS'. I remember watching the final episode with my older cousin when she was babysitting us and I remember sneakily buying my mum the first season of 'FRIENDS' on video (yeah, remember those things? Absolute pain in the ass to rewind) for Christmas, knowing full well she wasn't a huge fan of the show and would just end up giving them to me. Even today I still watch 'FRIENDS' and laugh at jokes I never got when I was seven. So it was amazing! 

Then I raided Sephora. And the less said about that the better as my bank account is still a little tender six months on because of it. 

(Totally irrelevant but whilst walking around on the third day, we saw a pet store with puppies for sale in the window and I fell in love with this one.. I called it 'Pebble'.)


Then we went back to being tourists and headed to Grand Central Station. 

To be honest, I was slightly disappointed that Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis weren't there, doing a flash mob and declaring their love to one another but hey ho.. I guess that day it was more 'Central' rather than 'Grand Central'. It was raining after all.


On our final full day (super unhappy face), we woke up to see that the sun had popped his hat back on, hip hip hip hooray, and was making New York look even more prettier than the day before so we headed back out into the city with our mission to go up to the Top of the Rock!

Like our first day, we walked into the city so here's a few snaps from our travels..

Hello, Rockefeller Ice Rink! (Still pretty pissed the tree wasn't up)

The next thing we did was pretty big for me as I hate heights. I mean, I struggle with being on the top floor of my university building and that's only eight floors up so to be up sixty-nine floors in the middle of the city was pretty wow. I've been up the Eiffel Tower before (twice) and nearly fainted (twice) so I was a tad bit scared. Especially considering I kept joking that we were secretly on 'The Tower of Terror' at Disneyworld as the elevator went up at roughly two floors a second. I'm my own worse enemy. But I'm glad I did it. The views were incredible. 

And I even managed to peel myself off clinging the wall to take a quick selfie. 

Then to finish off what had been an amazing few days in New York City, mum treated me (not that she hadn't treated me enough that week) to a visit to Bloomingdales and a birthday sundae at Serendipity 3! 

I can honestly say that I've never been to somewhere as amazing as New York City. I fell in love with it even more and cannot wait to go back! I had the most amazing week with my mum. Living in London, I don't get to see her much these days so it was so good to spend time with it being just me and her, to shop until we drop (or until our bank accounts became fun sponges and declined our transactions) and explore a city we've both wanted to visit together. I also need to add that I fought the urge to sing 'NEW YORK! CONCRETE JUNGLE WHERE DREAMS ARE MADE OF' all week, which is an achievement in itself. I did, however, listen to Frank Sinatra's 'New York, New York' and Miley Cyrus' 'Party In The USA' for the entire duration of the flight there so I didn't deprive myself of all the relevant songs. It was the best birthday ever and I'm one very, very lucky girl!

See you soon, New York! x