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Monday, 30 May 2016

Post-Exams Update

The reason I’ve been pretty much inactive and useless at blogging over the past few weeks is because I’ve had the joys of my final exams to study for and the dreaded dissertation to finish. But fear not, my dissertation has been submitted, my degree is over and I only have one exam left to go with CILEx (fancy legal qualification) so forgive me if I sound like ‘Take That’ but I’m back for good!

And for today’s blog post, I thought I’d start by giving a huge update into my plans for this blog since I actually want to keep it running as going from an undergraduate student to a law graduate is gonna be one huge crazy ride and I want to document it in a sort of online diary thingymabob. I don’t even care if nobody else reads my blog, I just want to have something which means I can look back on in a few years time and reminisce. A little like Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ memories thing, but with less cringes (hopefully). 

I’ve decided that instead of posting willynilly, I’m gonna aim to post three times a week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I did try to do a whole week of posting at the start of May but ended up giving up after six days as I just completely ran out of ideas for blog posts. There may be some weeks when I don’t write much and there may be some weeks where I write more than enough. Who knows, but I’m gonna aim for three postings a week. Wahoo. 

Also, I plan to do a bit of travelling the summer so I’ll be posting more about my adventures and travels, which is gonna be so exciting. As well as some very exciting life changes that I’m gonna be documenting about, which I can’t wait for. I’ll still be posting my usual bumph too.  

And that’s pretty much it for now! Sorry it’s quite a boring post (yet again) but life should pick up a bit now I’ve not got university to worry about so stay tuned!

I'm also so unbelievably close to 1000 blog reads which I'm so amazed by so thank you for everyone who has visited my blog and I promise to make it a bit more varied and exciting in the coming weeks.