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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Moving On.

Tonight is my final night living with my amazing housemates in our first proper home and it's definitely going to be like the final scene in Friends tomorrow, leaving our keys on the kitchen counter before we all head off to our own apartments and flats and houses and God knows where I'll be living - Buckingham Palace, hopefully..

But on a serious note, it is so strange knowing we won't all be living together ever again since we've all been together since the first day of university almost two years ago. It's gonna be weird having to tell my housemate to turn his music down when he's raving to Robyn in his room or having a movie day with all my housemates as we try to watch every Harry Potter movie in one sitting but giving up after Prisoner of Azkaban (amateurs!) or our endless amounts of failed parties since all our friends use the 'tube stops at 1am' excuse (not a valid excuse from September 12th FYI). This means I'll have to make my own breakfast the night after a heavy night whilst I nurse a banging hangover, and I'll have to bully myself over my own mistakes like setting fire to the chicken or burning cookies and making the house stink with toxic smoke (there seems to be a cooking theme going on here and I've concluded that I am not a great chef). And now I won't have anybody to constantly annoy or have anybody to tell me I don't need to go to Oxford Street for the second time in a day or have anybody to judge me on my Disney obsession or force me to down a shot of tequila on my birthday and make me intoxicated before we've even left for the club. And no more birthdays where I wake up to cards and presents in the lounge with balloons and banners everywhere and a Disney princess cake and.. Can you see why I love my housemates so much?

In the past ten months, even though we lived together in Halls last year, we've grown closer and closer - maybe too close in some aspects. They're my London family. They put up with me when I'm having one of my 'off' days, they put up with my bitching, they put up with my fangirling, they prevent me from drunk texting my mother a message saying that Harry Styles could go through me like the Northern Line (an Underground train line that goes straight through London..). No matter how bad my day has sucked, I know that as soon as I get home, they'll be there to watch the soaps with me and make me laugh.

So from my first apartment keys on the day I moved to London September 2013..

To my first house keys on the night I moved out in July 2015.. 

I've changed a hell of a lot, and moved on from the old me to be a more confident, more weird (but more accepting of that weird) and more grown up (sorta..) girl all down to my amazing housemates. They annoy me at times, but I know I annoy them more so I'll let them off for putting up with me for so long. 

Nobody knows what the future is gonna hold for us but I just hope I stay friends with these lot. They've made me into the person I am today, which they'll probably groan about because of how annoying I am, but I couldn't imagine my life without meeting them - and frankly, I wouldn't want to. They're my second, dysfunctional and unconventional family and everyone needs friends like that. 

So it's time for our next adventures to begin in the world that the adults call 'the real world', but it's been an amazing 22 months living with these guys and I'm really going to miss them. Lots. And lots. And lots.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Bucket List.

I am definitely a listy person (if that’s even a word). Nothing gives me a bigger feeling of accomplishment than being able to tick something off on a list. I always have at least one list of things I need to do on the go at once. Right now, I have a list as long as my arm of things I need to do but keep putting off like finding a new apartment and making a start on my uni reading list but instead of doing them like I actually should, I’ve decided to update my bucket list. 

I’ve had so many different bucket lists over the years but I always seem to misplace them. Luckily, I found one that I made at the start of my final year at high school, almost five years ago, on an old laptop of mine so I thought I’d update it and post it onto here so I can actually know where to find it in the future..

☐Pass my driving test
☐Swim with dolphins in the Bahamas
☐Do a road trip across America
☐Fly business class
☑Prove doubters wrong
☐Go to the Grand Canyon
☐Visit Sydney
☑Visit Barcelona
☐Do an all-nighter in Las Vegas
☐Have a camp fire on a beach
☑Have breakfast in Harrods, London
☐Graduate from university
☐Rollerblade down Venice Beach
☑Catch a last minute flight to a random destination
☐Go to Coachella
☐Swim under a waterfall
☑Climb the Eiffel Tower (twice)
☐Swim in an infinity pool
☐Go to Bora Bora
☑Ride a segway
☐Go to Atlantis The Palm, Dubai or Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas
☑Watch the sunset
☐Ice skate in New York
☐See the Great Barrier Reef
☑Go to a haunted house (living in one counts, right?)
☐Get married
☐Visit Cancun
☐Ride in a private jet
☑Ride in a private yacht
☐See the pyramids in Egypt
☑Sleep on a trampoline
☑Send a message in a bottle
☑Start a blog 
☐Jump off the plane at LAX with my dream and a cardigan
☐Have a sprog
☑Visit Paris
☑Visit New York City
☐Work at Disneyworld, Florida 
☐Crash a wedding
☑Go scuba diving
☐Go to every Disney park in the world
☐Get a tattoo
☑Move out on my own
☐Live in a different country for longer than six months
☑Live in London
☑Visit Normandy
☐Kiss in the rain
☑Find a true best friend
☐Watch the ball drop in Times Square
☐Go to a drive-in movie
☑Go to a boat party
☑Meet a celebrity
☑Sing karaoke in the early hours of the morning
☐Visit San Diego
☑Hit a hole-in-one
☐Be proposed to in Disneyland (a girl can dream, ok?)
☑Tell someone I love them and mean it
☐Experience 4th July in America
☐Do a colour run
☑Go to a music festival
☑Drink champagne
☐Visit Miami
☐Drive down Route 66
☐Jump off a cliff into the ocean (maybe do this once I’ve finished the other 99 things in case I die..)
☑Stay at a five-star hotel
☐Attend a concert at Madison Square Gardens
☐Go to an Ice Bar
☑Learn how to play golf
☐Go whale watching
☐Do yoga for at least a month
☐Get my own puppy
☑Go to Venice
☑Ride in a helicopter
☑Write a letter to myself to open in ten years
☐Go to Auschwitz
☐Ride a cable car in San Francisco
☑Do a slip-and-slide
☑Attend a concert at The O2 Arena, London
☑Sleep under the stars with friends
☑Create a family tree
☑Take my mum to New York
☐Hire jet skis
☑Try pole dancing (and fail at it)
☐Go to the Niagara Falls
☑Visit the Louvre
☑Cure my fear of Tower of Terror (AFTER TEN YEARS, I DID IT!)
☐Have a spa day
☑Have a Harry Potter marathon with my friends
☑Try Butterbeer
☐Watch a baseball game at the Dodgers Stadium
☑Be on a tv show (mom, I’m famous)
☐Visit San Francisco
☐Visit Los Angeles
☑Have a picnic in Central Park, New York
☐Visit 50 countries by 50 years of age
☐Try an entire week without any form of social media
☑Get a conventional sleeping pattern
☑Become more confident
☐Be completely and totally content (working on it..)

I probably won’t be able to complete every single thing on this list, but I’m gonna try at least to do as many as I possibly can. Life should be lived, not just survived and bucket lists are the perfect way to make sure you make dreams into realities, hit goals and have adventures. 

I could probably cheat and add things to my bucket list that I've already done but there's no fun in that, hehe!

(P.s. I am finding this blogging business très hard because I feel as if I'm just blabbing to myself.. I've officially lost it. Oh, well. Never really had it to begin with.)